restricted access   81:3-4, August-November 2001

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From: Hispanic American Historical Review

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Special Issue: Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

A Historiographical Revolution in Our Time

pp. 445-447

Keynote Essay

The History of Gender in the Historiography of Latin America

pp. 449-490



Writing the History of Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century Chile

pp. 493-518

From "La Mujer Esclava" to "La Mujer Limon: Anarchism and the Politics of Sexuality in Early-Twentieth-Century Chile

pp. 519-553

Charity, Rights, and Entitlement:Gender, Labor, and Welfare in Early-Twentieth-Century Chile

pp. 555-585

Good Wives and Unfaithful Men: Gender Negotiations and Sexual Conflicts in the Chilean Agrarian Reform, 1964-1973

pp. 587-619


"El Chalequero" or the Mexican Jack the Ripper: The Meanings of Sexual Violence in Turn-of-the-Century Mexico City

pp. 623-651

"She neither Respected nor Obeyed Anyone": Inmates and Psychiatrists Debate Gender and Class at the General Insane Asylum La Castaneda Mexico, 1910-1930

pp. 653-688

The Complicated Terrain of Latin American Homosexuality

pp. 689-729

Comments, Criticism, and Debate

A New Interpretation of Contraband Trade

pp. 733-738

Contraband, Crisis, and the Collapse of the Old Colonial System

pp. 739-744

Hans Staden, Neil L. Whitehead, and the Cultural Politics of Scholarly Publishing

pp. 745-751

The Haberleins and the Political Culture of Scholarship

pp. 753-756


Obituary: Richard M. Morse (1922–2001)

pp. 758-763

Book Reviews


Republic of Capital: Buenos Aires and the Legal Transformation of the Atlantic World (review)

pp. 765-771

Critical Passions: Selected Essays (review)

pp. 771-772

Refusing the Favor: The Spanish-Mexican Women of Santa Fe, 1820-1880 (review)

pp. 772-774

Changing Race: Latinos, the Census, and the History of Ethnicity in the United States (review)

pp. 774-775

Strange Pilgrimages: Exile, Travel, and National Identity in Latin America, 1800-1990s (review)

pp. 775-776

The Sweat of Their Brow: A History of Work in Latin America (review)

pp. 777-778

Colonial Period

La insurgencia en el departamento del norte: Los llanos de apan y la sierra de puebla, 1810-1816 (review)

pp. 779-780

Hijas, novias y esposas: Familia, matrimonio y violencia domestica en el Valle Central de Costa Rica (1750-1850) (review)

pp. 780-782

La mosaique indienne: Mobilite, stratification sociale et metissage dans le corregimiento de Cuenca (Equateur) du XVIe au XVIIIe siecle (review)

pp. 782-783

Las dudas de la corona: La politica de repartimientos para la mineria de Potosi (1680-1732) (review)

pp. 784-785

La tradicion clasica en el Peru virreinal, and: La formacion de la cultura virreinal. Vol. 1: La etapa inicial (review)

pp. 786-789

The Historical Archaeology of Buenos Aires: A City at the End of the World (review)

pp. 790-791

National Period

Antologia sobre pequeno riego. Vol. 2: Organizaciones autogestivas (review)

pp. 792-793

Feeding Mexico: The Political Uses of Food since 1910 (review)

pp. 794-795

Feminismo en Mexico: Ayer y hoy (review)

pp. 795-796

La mineria mexicana de la colonia al siglo XX (review)

pp. 797-798

Xochimilco, una identidad recreada (review)

pp. 799-800

Educando a Costa Rica: Alfabetizacion popular, formacion docente y genero (1880-1950) (review)

pp. 800-801

The Cuban Democratic Experience: The Autentico Years, 1944-1952 (review)

pp. 801-802

Race and Politics in the Dominican Republic (review)

pp. 803-804

In the Shadow of the Liberator: Hugo Chavez and the Transformation of Venezuela (review)

pp. 804-805

The Shining Path: A History of the Millenarian War in Peru (review)

pp. 805-806

Jews of the Amazon: Self-Exile in Earthly Paradise (review)

pp. 807-808

Visoes do golpe: A memoria militar sobre 1964, and: Os anos de chumbo: A memoria militar sobre a repressao (review)

pp. 808-811

Race, Place, and Medicine: The Idea of the Tropics in Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Medicine (review)

pp. 811-812

Secret Dialogues: Church-State Relations, Torture, and Social Justice in Authoritarian Brazil (review)

pp. 813-814

Sociabilidad en Buenos Aires: Hombres, honor y cafes, 1862-1910 (review)

pp. 814-815

Ein Weg zur Sozialreform in Lateinamerika: die Rezeption der katholischen Soziallehre Europas in Chile, 1880-1920 (review)

pp. 816-817

International and Comparative

Pancho Villa's Revolution by Headlines (review)

pp. 817-819

The Villista Prisoners of 1916-1917 (review)

pp. 819-820

Operation Pedro Pan: The Untold Exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children (review)

pp. 820-823

Los Estados Unidos y Trujillo: Los días finales, 1960– 61: Colección de documentos del Departamento de Estado, la CIA y los archivos del Palacio Nacional Dominicana (review)

pp. 823-825

Mas se perdio en Cuba: Espana, 1898 y la crisis de fin de siglo (review)

pp. 825-826

Books Received

pp. 827-834


pp. v-vi