Volume 11, Number 1, 2002

Table of Contents

From: The Good Society

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  Challenging Policy Analysis to Serve the Good Society

pp. 1-5

Symposium: Conservative-Liberal-Socialism

  Conservative-Liberal-Socialism Revisited

pp. 6-15

  Haunting Hegemony: A Certain Spirit of Conservative-Liberal-Socialism

pp. 16-18

  Conservative Liberal Socialism and Politics of a Complex Center

pp. 19-22

  In Praise of Eclecticism

pp. 23-25

Symposium: Policy Analysis for the Good Society

  Knights, Dragons, and the Holy Grail

pp. 26-31

  A Post-Positivist Policy-Analytic Travelogue

pp. 32-36

  Policy Analysis in the Good Society

pp. 37-41

  Policy Analysis in the Future of Good Societies

pp. 42-48

  Ethics, Civic Life and the Education of Policymakers

pp. 49-54

  Rethinking Policy Analysis: Citizens, Community, and the Restructuring of Public Services

pp. 55-60

  Enriching Public Discourse: Policy Analysis in Representative Democracies

pp. 61-65

Symposium: Three Essays on Democratic Practice

  Creating Deliberative Publics: Governance After Devolution and Democratic Centralism

pp. 66-71

  Two Concepts of Agreement

pp. 72-79

  Teaching Democracy: Reflections on the Clemente Course in the Humanities, Higher Education, and Democracy

pp. 80-84

Teaching Toward the Good Society

  Community Development and Housing Policies: The Roles of the State, Civil Society, and Non-Profits

pp. 85-88

Constitutional Corner

  Constitutional Theory for People Out of Power

pp. 89-93

A Decade of Memories

  Part I of Thoughts by former Managing Editors of The Good Society

pp. 94-95

In Every Issue

  From the Managing Editor

p. 4

  A PEGS Reader

p. 96