restricted access   Volume 22, Number 3, 2001

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From: Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies

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pp. vii-ix

Settler Women and Frontier Women: The Unsettling Past of Western Women's History

pp. 1-5

Miss Spokane and the Inland Northwest: Representations of Regions and Gender

pp. 6-12

Same-Sex Sexuality in Western Women's History

pp. 13-21

Shaping Public Space/Enunciating Gender: A Multiracial Historiography of the Women's West, 1995-2000

pp. 22-25

Cheerios; Set the Table; Eyelashes; Two White Crosses; Curves Dance

pp. 26-31

From the Inside Out: Rewriting Regional History

pp. 32-47

The State of Research on Pacific Northwest Women

pp. 48-56

The Bridge of the Gods

pp. 57-60

Reworking Race, Class, and Gender into Pacific Northwest History

pp. 61-74

"Peace Empowers": The Testimony of Aki Kurose, a Woman of Color in the Pacific Northwest

pp. 75-92

Picture/Story: Representing Gender in Montana Farm Security Administration Photographs

pp. 93-115

"Que Se Pudieran Defender (So You Could Defend Yourselves)": Chicanas, Regional History, and National Discourses

pp. 116-142

Mixing Bowl; Important Issues; Corn Husk Rug; Mom Quilting; A Grandmother's Touch

pp. 143-147

A Sympathetic Misunderstanding?: Mary Hallock Foote's Mining West

pp. 148-167

Latinegras: Desired Women--Undesirable Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Wives

pp. 168-183


pp. 184-186