restricted access   Volume 33, Number 3, Fall 2003

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From: Theater

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pp. iii-v

Up Front

pp. vii-1

Poland's Old and New Masters

pp. 2-19

Copernican Discoveries

pp. 20-35

Vibration, Rhythm, and Temperature

pp. 36-39

Rebellious Birds, Deer Heads, and Other Stuffed Obsessions: An Annotated Portfolio of Work by Marsha Ginsberg

pp. 40-55


pp. 56-85

Deadly Theater Meets Dead Horse

pp. 86-95

Subsidized Living: Reflections on Bringing Nickel and Dimed to the Stage

pp. 96-105

Short Changed? Wooden Nickels at the Regionals

pp. 106-111

Queer Misgivings

pp. 112-117

Critical Relations: The Artist and Scholar in Conversation

pp. 118-131


Different Hats

pp. 132-134

Resisting the Resistible

pp. 135-137

The Mind King Abdicates

pp. 138-141


Legendary Spectacles

pp. 142-144

Performance and Drama in Africa

pp. 145-147


Index to Volume 33

pp. 148-150