restricted access   Volume 4, Number 4, December 2003

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From: Enterprise & Society

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Editor's Introduction

pp. 577-578

Dissertation Summaries

Entertainment Industrialized: The Emergence of the International Film Industry, 1890-1940

pp. 579-585

Entrepreneurship and the Rise of Silicon Valley: The Career of Robert Noyce, 1956-1990

pp. 586-591

The Growth and Survival of Multinationals in the Global Alcoholic Beverages Industry

pp. 592-598

The Business of Civil War: Military Enterprise, the State, and Political Economy in the United States, 1850-1880

pp. 599-605


The Governance of Early Modern Trade: The Case of Hans Thijs, 1556-1611

pp. 606-639

Environmental Decision Making and DDT Production at Montrose Chemical Corporation of California

pp. 640-675

The Irrational Escalation of Commitment and the Ironic Labor Politics of the Rust Belt

pp. 676-706


Coping with Crisis: International Financial Institutions in the Interwar Period (review)

pp. 707-708

The Sugar Industry and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1775-1810 (review)

pp. 709-710

The Mexican Economy, 1870-1930: Essays on the Economic History of Institutions, Revolution, and Growth (review)

pp. 711-712

In the Shadows of State and Capital: The United Fruit Company, Popular Struggle, and Agrarian Restructuring in Ecuador, 1900-1995 (review)

pp. 713-714

Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945 (review)

pp. 715-716

Our Modern Times: The New Nature of Capitalism in the Information Age (review)

pp. 717-718

Sir Henri Deterding and Royal Dutch-Shell: Changing Control of World Oil, 1900-1940 (review)

pp. 719-720

State Banking in Early America: A New Economic History, and: Republic of Debtors: Bankruptcy in the Age of American Independence (review)

pp. 721-725

River of Enterprise: The Commercial Origins of Regional Identity in the Ohio Valley, 1790-1850 (review)

pp. 725-727

Gold Rush Capitalists: Greed and Growth in Sacramento (review)

pp. 727-729

Otto Kahn: Art, Money, & Modern Time (review)

pp. 729-731

Refined Tastes: Sugar, Confectionery, and Consumers in Nineteenth-Century America (review)

pp. 731-733

The Radical Middle Class: Populist Democracy and the Question of Capitalism in Progressive Era Portland, Oregon (review)

pp. 733-735

Sloan Rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors (review)

pp. 735-737

Victory at Home: Manpower and Race in the American South during World War II (review)

pp. 738-739

To the Digital Age: Research Labs, Start-up Companies, and the Rise of MOS Technology (review)

pp. 740-741

Silicon Valley, Women, and the California Dream: Gender, Class, and Opportunity in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 742-743

Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century (review)

pp. 743-745

It's Hardly Sportin': Stadiums, Neighborhoods, and the New Chicago (review)

pp. 746-747