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From: Radical History Review

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Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-2

Genovese Forum

Taking the Measure of Eugene Genovese: Exquisite (and Other) Ironies

p. 3

Eugene D. Genovese: The Mind of a Marxist Conservative

pp. 4-29

"Marxism" and the Politics of History: Reflections on the Work of Eugene D. Genovese

pp. 30-48

The Sixth Element

pp. 49-51

Eugene D. Genovese: Historian of Slavery

pp. 52-67

Moonlight, Magnolias, and Brigadoon; or, "Almost Like Being in Love": Mastery and Sexual Exploitation in Eugene D. Genovese's Plantation South

pp. 68-82


Etablissement : Working in the Factory to Make Revolution in France

pp. 83-111

The Limits of Egalitarianism: Radical Pacifism, Civil Rights, and the Journey of Reconciliation

pp. 112-138

Visual Display and Exhibition Politics in the Smithsonian's Between a Rock and a Hard Place

pp. 139-162

Teaching Radical History

Introduction: The Subjects of Radical History

pp. 163-165

Teaching Transgender History, Identity, and Politics

pp. 166-177

Peasants, Politics, and History: Teaching Agrarian History and Historiography

pp. 178-191


The New Qing History

pp. 193-206

Writing the "Labor Question" Back into History

pp. 207-211

The Abusable Past

pp. 213-217

Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

pp. 218-220