restricted access   Volume 42, Number 2, December 2003

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From: Oceanic Linguistics

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Proto-Micronesian Recontructions--2

pp. 271-358

Low Vowel Dissimilation in Vanuatu Languages

pp. 359-406

Of Men, Hills, and Winds: Space Directionals in Mwotlap

pp. 407-437

Three Notes on Early Austronesian Morphology

pp. 438-478

Agreement in the Skou Language: A Historical Account

pp. 479-498


A Note on Reduplication in Bugotu and Cheke Holo

pp. 499-505

Typology and Language Families: A Comment on Klamer's "Typical Features of Austronesian Languages in Central/Eastern Indonesia"

pp. 506-510

Rejoinder to Malcolm Ross's Squib

pp. 511-513

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Donald M. Topping, 1929-2003

pp. 514-521

Saviors of Languages: Who Will Be the Real Messiah?

pp. 522-527

Book Reviews

A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language (review)

pp. 528-530

Pazih Dictionary (review)

pp. 531-541

Growing Up with Tok Pisin: Contact, Creolization, and Change in Papua New Guinea's National Language (review)

pp. 541-546

Nominalization in Formosan Languages (review)

pp. 546-553

Issues in Austronesian Morphology: A Focusschrift for Byron W. Bender (review)

pp. 553-558


Index of Languages in Volume 42

pp. 559-567