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From: CR: The New Centennial Review

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Special Issue: Cultural Citizenship

Editors' Note

pp. ix-x


Citizens of Modernity from a Cosmopolitan Point of View

pp. 1-21

Elian, Iola Leroy, and Other Reluctant Citizens

pp. 23-54

The Places of Tradition: Modernity/Backwardness, Regionalism/Centralism, Mass/Popular, Homogeneous/Heterogeneous

pp. 55-74

Borderline Justice/States of Emergency: Orson Welles' Touch of Evil

pp. 75-105

A Patriotic Mole: A Living Photograph

pp. 107-139

The Timezone Endgame

pp. 141-173

Where Does the Rainbow Nation End?: Colouredness and Citizenship in Post-Apartheid South Africa

pp. 175-199

Fantasies of Self Identity: Khatibi's The Book of Blood

pp. 201-228

Culture and Anonymity: The Other Voice of Los pasos perdidos

pp. 229-255

Myth and Nihilism in the Discourse of Globalization

pp. 257-282

Book Reviews

Seduced, Betrayed

pp. 283-296

The Coming of Age of African American Studies: An Important New Contribution

pp. 297-311

Chicana/o Literature and Voices of a New Chicana/o History

pp. 313-331

Making Sense of the "Hood"

pp. 333-343


pp. 345-348