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From: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

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Special Issue: Ideas in American Health Policy

Editor's Note: In the Marketplace for Ideas Affecting Public Policy

pp. 964-975

Attitudes of People with Disabilities toward Physician-Assisted Suicide Legislation: Broadening the Dialogue

pp. 977-1001

Commodifying Life? A Pilot Study of Opinions Regarding Financial Incentives for Organ Donation

pp. 1003-1032

Racial Meanings and Scientific Methods: Changing Policies for NIH-sponsored Publications Reporting Human Variation

pp. 1033-1087

The Many Faces of Access: Reasons for Medically Nonurgent Emergency Department Visits

pp. 1089-1120


From Detached Concern to Empathy: Humanizing Medical Practice (review)

pp. 1121-1125

Setting Limits Fairly: Can We Learn to Share Medical Resources? (review)

pp. 1125-1128

Scarce Goods: Justice, Fairness, and Organ Transplantation (review)

pp. 1129-1134

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 1135-1137

News and Notes

News and Notes

pp. 1139-1140

News from Affiliated Organizations

News from Affiliated Organizations

pp. 1141-1142



pp. 1143-1145



pp. 1147-1151

Index to Volume 28

Index to Volume 28

pp. 1153-1156