restricted access   Volume 16, Number 2, Fall 2003

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From: The Yale Journal of Criticism

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Special Issue: On Translation

Guest Editor: Jessica Brantley and Joseph Luzzi

Introduction: Translation Unveiled

pp. 233-236


Translating Derrida on Translation: Relevance and Disciplinary Resistance

pp. 237-262

Translating Media: Why We Should Rethink Textuality

pp. 263-290

Machine Translation and Global English

pp. 291-313

Translation's Challenge to Critical Categories: Verses from French in the Early English Renaissance

pp. 315-344

Thomas Harriot's Translations

pp. 345-361

Translating Communities: The Institutional Epilogue to the Letters of Abelard and Heloise

pp. 363-379

"Not a translation but a mutilation": The Limits of Translation and the Discipline of Sexology

pp. 381-405

Translations: Lenin's Statues, Post-communism and Post-apartheid

pp. 406-423

Issues Of Translation In the Works Of Nicole Brossard

pp. 425-454

Reading Spaced

Translating A Novel's Novelty: Yuri Andrukhovych's Perverzion In English

pp. 455-464

[Moysa] and Muse: Notes From a Collaboration

pp. 465-474

Notes on Contributors

pp. 475-476