restricted access   Volume 24, Number 3, Fall 2003

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From: The Henry James Review

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Special Issue: Global James

Index to Volume 24

pp. 313-314


Global James: Introduction

pp. 201-204

Henry James and Globalization

pp. 205-214

Pre-national Time: Novel, Epic, Henry James

pp. 215-224

Deterritorialization in The Sacred Fount

pp. 225-232

Post-American James and the Question of Scale

pp. 233-243

The Portrait of Henry James in Estonia(n)

pp. 244-249

Translation as Criticism: A Century of James Appreciation in Japan

pp. 250-257

On the Status of Scholarly Study of Henry James in Korea

pp. 258-268

"I Longed for a New World": Colonial Hysteria, The American, and Henry James's Paris

pp. 269-280

The Wings of the Dove and the Coldness of Venice

pp. 281-290

Henry James's Cosmopolitan Spaces: Rome as Global City

pp. 291-297

"How a man should meet trouble." The Master's Mediterranean Actors as Models of Self-Possession

pp. 298-306

Book Review

Henry James in Scandinavia: His Literary Reputation (review)

pp. 307-309


pp. v-vi