restricted access   Volume 38, Number 3, 2003

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Notes on the Contributors

pp. 278-280


From Labor Politics to Machine Politics: The Transformation of Party-Union Linkages in Argentine Peronism, 1983-1999

pp. 3-36

Terror in the Twin Towers: The Events of September 11 in the Brazilian Literatura de Cordel

pp. 37-59

An Electorate Adrift?: Public Opinion and the Quality of Democracy in Mexico

pp. 60-81

Non-Traditional Agricultural Exports in Highland Guatemala: Understandings of Risk and Perceptions of Change

pp. 82-110

The Poetics of Khipu Historiography: Felip Guaman Poma de Ayala and the Khipukamayuqs from Pacariqtambo

pp. 111-147

Research Reports and Notes

Pugna de Poderes y Crisis de Gobernabilidad: Hacia un nuevo presidencialismo?

pp. 149-164

Further Reflections on Amazonian Environmental History: Transformations of Rivers and Streams

pp. 165-187

Review Essays

Religion and Religious Scholarship in Changing Social Contexts

pp. 189-199

Verbal Society: Poetry and Poets at the End of the Twentieth Century

pp. 200-209

Power and Culture: The Social History of Nineteenth-Century Spanish America

pp. 210-222

The Mexican Economy: Persistent Problems and New Policy Issues in the Aftermath of Market Reforms

pp. 223-236

Was There an Age of Revolution in Latin America?: New Literature on Latin American Independence

pp. 237-249

Top Brass and State Power in Twentieth-Century Brazilian Politics, Economics, and Culture

pp. 250-260

Encountering People, Creating Texts: Cultural Studies of the Encounter and Beyond

pp. 261-274

Index to Volume 38

pp. 275-277