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From: Human Biology

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Letter from the Editor: Change of Address for Manuscript Submissions

p. iii

Frank B. Livingstone: Introduction

pp. 419-426

Instructions for Contributors

pp. 631-633


The Temporal Dynamics of the Fourteenth-Century Black Death: New Evidence from English Ecclesiastical Records

pp. 427-448

Human Genetic Diversity and the Nonexistence of Biological Races

pp. 449-471

Hypoglossal Canal Size in Living Hominoids and the Evolution of Human Speech

pp. 473-484

The Single Species Hypothesis: Truly Dead and Pushing Up Bushes, or Still Twitching and Ripe for Resuscitation?

pp. 485-502

Down Syndrome: Interaction between Culture, Demography, and Biology in Determining the Prevalence of a Genetic Trait

pp. 503-520

The Evolution of Human Phenotypic Plasticity: Age and Nutritional Status at Maturity

pp. 521-537

A Number No Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: The Use and Abuse of Heritability

pp. 539-558

Polymorphisms Past and Present

pp. 559-575

The Mind of Primitive Anthropologists: Hemoglobin and HLA, Patterns of Molecular Evolution

pp. 577-584

Testing the "Malaria Hypothesis" for the Case of Thailand: A Genetic Appraisal

pp. 585-605

Simulating Hemoglobin History

pp. 607-618

Anthropology at the University of Michigan in the Late 1950s

pp. 619-624

Personal Reminiscences

THINK! Being a Student of Frank B. Livingstone

pp. 625-628


Thank You, Frank

p. 629