restricted access   Volume 39, Number 3, August 2002

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From: Demography

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The Living Arrangements of New Unmarried Mothers*

pp. 415-433

An Empirical Analysis of the Matching Patterns of Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Couples*

pp. 435-453

How Well Can We Track Cohabitation Using the SIPP?: A Consideration of Direct and Inferred Measures*

pp. 455-465

Only English by the Third Generation?: Loss and Preservation of the Mother Tongue Among the Grandchildren of Contemporary Immigrants

pp. 467-484

Insights from Longitudinal Data on the Earnings Growth of U.S. Foreign-Born Men*

pp. 485-506

Are Black Workers Missing the Connection?: The Effect of Spatial Distance and Employee Referrals on Interfirm Racial Segregation*

pp. 507-528

Mortality Rates of Elderly Asian American Populations Based on Medicare and Social Security Data*

pp. 529-540

Self-Reported Work-Limitation Data: What They Can and Cannot Tell Us*

pp. 541-555

Has the Chinese Family Planning Policy Been Successful in Changing Fertility Preferences?

pp. 557-572

Reporting of Fertility Events by Men and Women in Rural Gambia

pp. 573-586