restricted access   Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 1994

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From: Configurations

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Special Issue: Located Knowledges: Intersections

Guest Editor: Mario Biagnioli, Roddey Reid,


pp. vii-ix


The Bottom Line: The Rhetoric of Reality Demonstrations

pp. 1-14

Constructing Whiteness: Popular Science and National Geographic in the Age of Multiculturalism

pp. 15-32

Viewing Bodies: Medicine, Public Order, and English Inquest Practice

pp. 33-46

Dislocating Knowledge, Thinking out of Joint: Rhizomatics, Caenorhabditis elegans and the Importance of Being Multiple

pp. 47-58

A Game of Cat's Cradle: Science Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies

pp. 59-71

Breached Birth: Reflections on Race, Gender, and Reproductive Discourse in the 1980s

pp. 73-88

Feminism and Writing Technologies: Teaching Queerish Travels through Maps, Territories, and Pattern

pp. 89-106

Making Physical Objects: The Law of the Excluded Middle, Dumbing-Up the World, & Handles, Tools, and Fetishes

pp. 107-117

Was the Last Turn The Right Turn? The Semiotic Turn and A. J. Greimas

pp. 119-136

Representation is Overrated: Some Critical Remarks about the Use of the Concept of Representation in Science Studies

pp. 137-149

Interpretive Journeys: How Physicists Talk and Travel through Graphic Space

pp. 151-171

Split Subjects, Not Atoms; or, How I Fell in Love with My Prosthesis

pp. 173-190

Essay Review

Darwin Revised, and Carefully Edited

pp. 191-202

Book Reviews

The Culture of Sensibility: Sex and Society in Eighteenth-Century Britain

pp. 203-204

The Daughter's Dilemma: Family Process and the Nineteenth Century Domestic Novel

pp. 205-207


pp. 209-213