restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, 2017

Table of Contents


pp. 113-115

Guest Editor's Introduction

pp. 116-120


A Digital Korl Woman: Students and Workers Recover the Spirit of Life in the Iron Mills from the Digital Factory to the Classroom

pp. 121-141

Learning about Neighborhood Identity, Streets as Places, and Community Engagement in a Chicago Studio Course

pp. 142-157

Women in Science through an Archival Lens

pp. 158-179

Working Collaboratively—Teaching Collaboration

pp. 180-194

Methods and Texts

Information Literacy in the American Literature Classroom

pp. 195-201

Re-Reading the American History Textbook in the Global Age

pp. 202-211

Teaching Guerilla Praxis: Making Critical Digital Humanities Research Politically Relevant

pp. 212-216

Feeling the Problem: Working through Diversity Work

pp. 217-228

Teachers Talk

Back to Basics: Interdisciplinary Teaching Using School Gardens

pp. 229-240

Photo Essay

Teaching from the Outside In: Community-Based Pedagogy's Potential for Transformation

pp. 241-257