restricted access   Volume 35, Number 1, Spring 2018

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Putin’s New Russia

Edited by Andrew S. Natsios and Sarah M. Misemer


Introduction: Putin's New Russia: Fragile State or Revisionist Power?

pp. 1-21

Putin's Grand Strategy

pp. 22-34

The Return of the Enemy

pp. 35-47

Vladimir Putin and the Russian Military

pp. 48-73

Project Russia: The Bestselling Book Series of Putin's Kremlin

pp. 74-100

Russia after Communism: The Road to Dictatorship and Terror

pp. 101-110

The Return of the Empire: The Ukraine Crisis in the Historical Perspective

pp. 111-126

A View from Northeastern Europe: The Baltic States and the Russian Regime

pp. 127-146

A Statistical Glimpse at Russia's Multiple Demographic and Human Resource Problems

pp. 147-174

A Reassessment of Putin's Russia: The Economy

pp. 175-195

The Legacy of World War II for Putin's Russia

pp. 196-212

Notes on Contributors

pp. 213-215

Books Received

p. 216