restricted access   Volume 48, Number 4, Winter 2018

Table of Contents


Introduction: Ken Saro-Wiwa as Public Intellectual

pp. vii-xvi


"Work Is War": The Biafran War and Neoliberalism in Ken Saro-Wiwa's Sozaboy

pp. 1-20

"We all stand before history": (Re)Locating Saro-Wiwa in the Biafran War Canon

pp. 21-38

The Adulterated Children of Child Soldier Narratives

pp. 39-55

An Environmental Unconscious?: Nigerian Oil Politics, Autonomous Partial Objects, and Ken Saro-Wiwa's Sozaboy

pp. 56-77

The Textual Politics of the Land in the Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa

pp. 78-93

Literary Militancy and Helon Habila's Oil on Water

pp. 94-104

Participatory Cultures and Biopolitics in the Global South in In Koli Jean Bofane's Congo Inc.

pp. 105-121

General Essays

Diasporic Wanderings: The Poetics of Tierno Monenembo

pp. 122-137

Cosmopolitan Dilemma: Diasporic Subjectivity and Postcolonial Liminality in Teju Cole's Open City

pp. 138-154

Diasporic Transnationalism in Zoë Wicomb's The One That Got Away and October

pp. 155-174

Toward a Planetary History of Afrofuturism

pp. 175-191

Through a Charged Field: Authoritative Discourses and Dialogism in Solomon Mutswairo's Chaminuka: Prophet of Zimbabwe (1983)

pp. 192-208

Multiplying Women's Voices: Writing across Language Boundaries in Leila Abouzeid's The Last Chapter

pp. 209-224

Staging "Islam": Sefi Atta's Hagel auf Zamfara [The Sentence] at the Theater Krefeld/Mönchengladbach

pp. 225-242


Lumpy Sympathies: An Interview in Beirut with Teju Cole

pp. 243-249

Review Essays

The Soweto Uprisings Forty Years On: Usable Pasts and Uncertain Futures

pp. 250-255

Performing the Nation: Genocide, Justice, Reconciliation by Ananda Breed, and: Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film by Piotr Cieplak, and: Rwanda Genocide Stories: Fiction After 1994 by Nicki Hitchcott (review)

pp. 256-264

Book Reviews

Literature, Law, and Rhetorical Performance in the Anticolonial Atlantic by Anne W. Gulick (review)

pp. 265-266

Le Code de l'indigénat: Ou le fondement des Etats autocratiques en Afrique francophone by Gilbert Doho (review)

pp. 266-267

Ethics and Human Rights in Anglophone African Women's Literature: Feminist Empathy by Chielozona Eze (review)

pp. 268-270

Ilê Aiyê in Brazil and the Reinvention of Africa by Niyi Afolabi (review)

pp. 271-272

Evaluators for Volume 48

p. 274