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E.H. Gombrich and Leonardo: The Role of Scientific Psychology in Art History

Editorial Response

The Needs of the Mind: Ernst H. Gombrich on Art

Leonardo Gallery: Scientific Delirium Madness 4.0

Scientific Delirium Madness: Introduction

Beautiful Data: Reflections for a Sonification and Post-Sonification Aesthetics

81° North

Un-Estranging the Future

Science & Sensation

Performing “The Writer in Captivity” at SDM

Transformative Overconfidence

The CUSP: From Finite Time Singularities to Breaking Waves

The Alchemy of a Book

Djerassi Soundscapes

Reflecting Sail

The Guardians: A Midsummer’s Inspiration Set in Copper (excerpt)

Artist's Article

Creating Emotion-Sensitive Interactive Artworks: Three Case Studies

General Articles

Image Creation through Manipulation of Transform Space Representations

Inside Out: Video Mapping and the Architectural Facade

General Note

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Charles Darwin, T. H. Huxley, the Origin of Cotton and Gregor Mendel (Inventor of X-rays)

Historical Perspectives

Foresight and Hindsight

The Pioneer of Generative Art: Georg Nees


Closing the Loop of Inspiration-to-Creation: Responding with Programmable Sphere

Mapping Indeterminacy and Chance through Movement Notation: A Study on Dance Improvisation

Special Section: Papers from the 4th and 5th Balance-Unbalance International Conference: Part 2

Papers from the 4th and 5th Balance-Unbalance International Conference, Part 2: Introduction

Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in Western Mongolia

Beak Disorder: A Sound and Sculpture Installation

Sensitive Territories: Performatives Researchers in Arts and Nature

Man, Nature, and Technology—Eastern Philosophy, Global Issues and Western Digital Visualization Practice

Alternative Strategies in Contemporary Art Practice

Microbial Nanoids: Electric Arts in the Face of Mexico's Megadiversity Crisis

Gardens, Machines and Education

River Listening: Acoustic Ecology and Aquatic Bioacoustics in Global River Systems

Building Environmentally Attuned Communities: The Politics of Alvin Curran's Maritime Rites

Modern Science, Nature and the Phenomenology of Data Collection

Comu arvulu scippatu: A Cycle of Pieces for Solo Violin

Transforming Nature

The Live Audio Archive

Atmo-Sphere: Art and Conscious Environmental Visualization

Leonardo Reviews

For Folk's Sake: Art and Economy in Twentieth- Century Nova Scotia

A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age

From Light to Dark: Daylight, Illumination, and Gloom

Words on Screen

The Edge of Objectivity: An Essay in the History of Scientific Ideas

Plain Text: The Poetics of Computation

Divine Golden Ingenious: The Golden Ratio as a Theory of Everything?

The Network

Leonardo Reviews Online


The Network: Recaps and Announcements from the Leonardo Community



Leonardo 2018 Memoir: 50 Years Away from the Planetary Cradle