1. Editorial Introduction
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  1. Reprint Retrospective—"Historical Roots of Consumer Culture" from Advertising, The Uneasy Persuasion
  2. Michael Schudson
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  1. Advertising Leadership and Climate Change: The Efficacy of Industry Professionals to Address Climate Issues
  2. Kim Sheehan, Deborah Morrison
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  1. Roundtable on Social Media and Advertising: Part II
  2. Suse Barnes, Megan French, Sonia Katyal, Nick Reggars, Layla Revis, Kelli Robertson, William M. O'Barr, Edward Timke
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  1. #WomenNotObjects: Madonna Badger Takes on Objectification
  2. Madonna Badger, Carolyn Bronstein, Jacqueline Lambiase
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  1. Author Meets Critics: Pioneering African-American Women in the Advertising Business
  2. Judy Foster Davis, Jason P. Chambers, Shalini Shankar, Kevin Thomas, Edward Timke
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  1. Exploring Advertising History in Online Archives
  2. Katherine Parkin
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