restricted access   Volume 94, Number 1, March 2018

Table of Contents

The lexicalist hypothesis: Both wrong and superfluous

pp. 1-42

Sound change and the structure of synchronic variability: Phonetic and phonological factors in Slavic palatalization

pp. 43-83

Modification of indicating verbs in British Sign Language: A corpus-based study

pp. 84-118

Tone-tune association in Tommo So (Dogon) folk songs

pp. 119-156

Web Only Supplemental Material (Open Access)

open access   Tone-tune association in Tommo So (Dogon) folk songs: Supplemental Material

Condition C in adult and child Thai

pp. 157-190

C-command vs. scope: An experimental assessment of bound-variable pronouns

pp. 191-219

Phonological Analysis (Online-only)

Beyond trochaic shortening: A survey of Central Pacific languages

pp. e1-e42

Replies (Online-only)

The redundancy of self-organization as an explanation of English spelling

pp. e43-e47

Further evidence for self-organization in English spelling

pp. e48-e53

The end of lexicalism as we know it?

pp. e54-e66

Brief response to Müller

pp. e67-e73


Formal studies in Slovenian syntax: In honor of Janez Orešnik ed. by Franc Lanko Marušič, Rok Žaucer (review)

pp. 220-223

The acquisition of heritage languages by Silvina Montrul (review)

pp. 223-225

Focus-related operations at the right edge in Spanish: Subjects and ellipsis by Iván Ortega-Santos (review)

pp. 225-228

Quantifying expressions in the history of German: Syntactic reanalysis and morphological change by Dorian Roehrs, Christopher Sapp (review)

pp. 228-231

Recent Publications

pp. 232-235