restricted access   Volume 42, Number 1, Spring 2018

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Re-triangulating Yeats, Stevens, Eliot

Edited by Edward Ragg and Bart Eeckhout


Pages from Tales: Narrating Modernism's Aftermaths

pp. 1-5


Yeats, Stevens, Eliot: Eras and Legacies, an Interview with Marjorie Perloff

pp. 6-16


Atlantic Triangle: Stevens, Yeats, Eliot in Time of War Ireland

pp. 17-30

Crazy Jane and Professor Eucalyptus: Self-Dissolution in the Later Poetry of Yeats and Stevens

pp. 31-45

"Where / Do I begin and end?": Circular Imagery in the Revolutionary Poetics of Stevens and Yeats

pp. 46-61

"Dead Opposites" or "Reconciled among the Stars"?: Stevens and Eliot

pp. 62-76

The Idea of a Colony: Eliot and Stevens in Australia

pp. 77-98

"We reason of these things with later reason": Plain Sense and the Poetics of Relief in Eliot and Stevens

pp. 99-116


A andThe

p. 117


p. 118

Late Night Without My Poem by Wallace Stevens

p. 119

Geishas on a Folding Screen

p. 120

January, Bhubaneswar

p. 121

Sunday Morning in Key West

p. 122

Lost Fire

p. 123


Bir Karakuşa Bakmanın On Üç Yolu by Wallace Stevens (review)

pp. 124-127

The Songs We Know Best: John Ashbery's Early Life by Karin Roffman (review)

pp. 127-131

Restless Secularism: Modernism and the Religious Inheritance by Matthew Mutter (review)

pp. 131-134

Current Bibliography

pp. 135-141