restricted access   Volume 48, Number 4, Spring 2018

Table of Contents


Environmental Stress and Steppe Nomads: Rethinking the History of the Uyghur Empire (744–840) with Paleoclimate Data

pp. 439-463

Gender-Differentiated Tarascan Surnames in Michoacán

pp. 465-483

The Telephone and Its Uses in 1980s U.S. Activism

pp. 485-509

Research Notes

Were Wages That Low?: Real Wages in the Strasbourg Region Before 1775

pp. 511-522

The Effect of Geography and Institutions on Economic Development: The Case of Lodz

pp. 522-537


Abundance: The Archaeology of Plenitude ed. by Monica L. Smith (review)

pp. 539-540

The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity's Search for Meaning by Jeremy Lent (review)

pp. 540-541

Magic in the Modern World: Strategies of Repression and Legitimization ed. by Edward Beyer and Randall Styer (review)

pp. 541-543

Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health in the Early Modern Atlantic World by Rachel Ball (review)

pp. 543-544

The Great Divergence Reconsidered: Europe, India and the Rise to Global Economic Power by Roman Studer (review)

pp. 544-546

Turning to Political Violence: The Emergence of Terrorism by Marc Sageman (review)

pp. 546-547

Zero Degrees. Geographies of the Prime Meridian by Charles W.J. Withers (review)

pp. 547-548

Setting Nutritional Standards: Theory, Policies, Practices ed. by Elizabeth Neswald (review)

pp. 548-549

Cold War Freud: Psychoanalysis in an Age of Catastrophes by Dagmar Herzog (review)

pp. 550-552

Concentration Camps: A Short History by Dan Stone (review)

pp. 552-554

Humanitarians at War: The Red Cross in the Shadow of the Holocaust by Gerald Steinacher (review)

pp. 554-556

Gender, Sexuality, and the Cold War: A Global Perspective ed. by Philip E. Muehlenbeck (review)

pp. 556-558

Oil Revolution: Anti-Colonial Elites, Sovereign Rights, and the Economic Culture of Decolonization by Christopher R. W. Dietrich (review)

pp. 558-559

Humanism Challenges Materialism in Economics and Economic History ed. by Roderick Floud, Santhi Hejeebu, and David Mitch (review)

pp. 559-561

Placing Names: Enriching and Integrating Gazetteers ed. by Merrick Lex Berman, Ruth Mostern, and Humphrey Southall (review)

pp. 561-563

Power and Public Finance at Rome, 264-49 BCE by James Tan (review)

pp. 563-564

Diodorus Siculus and the World of the Late Roman Republic by Charles E. Muntz (review)

pp. 564-566

At the First Table: Food and Social Identity in Early Modern Spain by Jodi Campbell (review)

pp. 566-568

The American Revolution Reborn ed. by Patrick Spero and Michael Zuckerman (review)

pp. 568-569

How Failed Attempts to Amend the Constitution Mobilize Political Change by Roger C. Hartley (review)

pp. 569-571

Against Labor: How U.S. Employers Organized to Defeat Union Activism ed. by Rosemary Feurer and Chad Pearson (review)

pp. 571-572

William James: Psychical Research and the Challenge of Modernity by Krister Dylan Knapp (review)

pp. 572-574

Capital Gains: Business and Politics in Twentieth-Century America ed. by Richard R. John and Kim Phillips-Fein (review)

pp. 574-576

The Dying City: Postwar New York and the Ideology of Fear by Brian Tochterman (review)

pp. 576-578

Jihād in West Africa during the Age of Revolutions by Paul E. Lovejoy (review)

pp. 578-580

Understanding Zimbabwe: From Liberation to Authoritarianism by Sara Rich Dorman (review)

pp. 580-581

An Aqueous Territory: Sailor Geographies and New Granada's Transimperial Greater Caribbean World by Ernesto Bassi, and: New Countries: Capitalism, Revolution, and Nations in the Americas, 1750–1870 ed. by John Tutino (review)

pp. 581-584

Birth Control in the Decolonizing Caribbean: Reproductive Politics and Practice on Four Islands, 1930–1970 by Nicole C. Bourbonnais (review)

pp. 584-586

State-Sponsored Inequality: The Banner System and Social Stratification in Northeast China by Shuang Chen (review)

pp. 586-587

The Magic of Concepts: History and the Economic in Twentieth-Century China by Rebecca E. Karl (review)

pp. 587-589