free access   I. Geographies of Louisiana

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In recognition of the location of AAG’s 2018 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Southeastern Geographer offers free access to a Virtual Issue on Geographies of Louisiana. Since its founding in 1962, Southeastern Geographer has often published research on issues before they were the “hot-topics” of today, including racial segregation evident in residential neighborhoods, electoral geographies, Confederate monuments, and long-term weather patterns with implications for climate change. Papers selected from across several decades demonstrate some of the breadth of such work. Some of these focus on New Orleans, while others take a synoptic view to contextualize Louisiana in relation to more extensive geographies. AAG members are invited to browse these selections as background before travelling to New Orleans in April.

free access   Introduction

pp. 1-6

free access   Preliminary Analysis of the 1968 Wallace Vote in the Southeast

Originally published: Volume 9, Number 2, November 1969
pp. 55-66

free access   Mapping the Louisiana French

Originally published: Volume 26, Number 2, November 1986
pp. 90-113

free access   The Louisiana French Language in the Nineteenth Century

Originally published: Volume 30, Number 2, November 1990
pp. 107-120

free access   Where is the South?: Using Beta Convergence to Define a Fuzzy Region

Originally published: Volume 50, Number 3, Fall 2010
pp. 346-365

free access   Frequency of Heavy Rainfall Events in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1900 to 1991

Originally published: Volume 33, Number 2, November 1993
pp. 159-171

free access   A Phenological Model for Southeastern United States

Originally published: Volume 12, Number 1, May 1972
pp. 23-33

free access   Louisiana: Apprehending a Complex Web of Vernacular Regional Geography

Originally published: Volume 54, Number 1, Spring 2014
pp. 55-71

free access   Architecture and Urban Growth in Nineteenth Century New Orleans

Originally published: Volume 17, Number 2, November 1977
pp. 93-107

free access   Rubbing Elbows in the Big Easy: The Dynamics of Residential Segregation Among Racial and Ethnic Groups in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1990-2000

Originally published: Volume 47, Number 2, November 2007
pp. 254-282

free access   Segregation of the Free People of Color and the Construction of Race in Antebellum New Orleans

Originally published: Volume 48, Number 1, May 2008
pp. 19-37

free access   “Lest We Forget”: The Confederate Monument and the Southern Townscape

Originally published: Volume 55, Number 1, Spring 2015
pp. 19-31