restricted access   82 (Fall 2016)

Table of Contents

Letter to the Editor

pp. 1-2


The Spectre in the Archive: Truth, Reconciliation, and Indigenous Archival Memory

pp. 3-26

Catalogues and the Collecting and Ordering of Knowledge (I): ca. 1550–1750

pp. 27-53

Media and the Messengers: Writings on Digital Archiving in Canada from the 1960s to the 1980s

pp. 55-81

Linked Data for Archives

pp. 83-110

Risky Business?: Issues in Licensing Copies of Archival Holdings

pp. 111-136


From Missionaries to Managers: Making the Case for a Canadian Documentary Heritage Commission

pp. 137-163

Book Reviews

Privacy: A Short History by David Vincent (review)

pp. 165-168

Encyclopedia of Archival Science ed. by Luciana Duranti and Patricia C. Franks (review)

pp. 168-171

The No-Nonsense Guide to Archives and Recordkeeping by Margaret Crockett (review)

pp. 171-174

Queers Online: LGBT Digital Practices in Libraries, Archives, and Museums ed. by Rachel Wexelbaum (review)

pp. 175-179

Unarrested Archives: Case Studies in Twentieth-Century Canadian Women's Authorship by Linda M. Morra (review)

pp. 179-181

Exhibition Reviews

Hiding in Plain Sight: Discovering the Métis Nation in the Collection of Library and Archives Canada by Beth Greenhorn et al. (review)

pp. 183-185

MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture (review)

pp. 186-189

"Why are we saving All these artist publications + Other Galleries stuffs?" The Emergence of Artist-Run Culture in Halifax by Creighton Barrett and Peter Dykhuis (review)

pp. 190-193


Jean Tener, 1931–2016

pp. 195-197

Archivaria Awards

pp. 199-201