restricted access   83 (Spring 2017)

Table of Contents


The Meaning of Publication in Canadian Copyright Law: An Archival Perspective

pp. 1-34

Historical Sedimentation of Archival Materials: Reinterpreting a Foundational Concept in the Italian Archival Tradition

pp. 35-57

Historians and Web Archives

pp. 59-79

Rethinking Archives as Digital: The Consequences of “Paper Minds” in Illustrations and Definitions of E-archives

pp. 81-108

Gordon Dodds Prize

Learning to Listen: Archival Sound Recordings and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property

pp. 109-124

Study in Documents

Shrouded History: The Canadian Film and Photo Unit, Records Creation, Reuse, and the Recontextualizing of “Lost” Audiovisual Heritage

pp. 125-148

Book Reviews

Installation Art and the Practices of Archivalism by David Houston Jones (review)

pp. 149-153

Module 8: Becoming a Trusted Digital Repository by Steve Marks (review)

pp. 153-156

Photo Archives and the Idea of Nation ed. by Costanza Caraffa and Tiziana Serena (review)

pp. 157-161

Exhibition Review

Treasures and Tales: Queen’s Early Collections (review)

pp. 163-168


Kara Ann Quann, 1971–2016

pp. 169-170