restricted access   Issue 125, 2017

Table of Contents

Religion: Introduction

pp. 1-7

My Mother's Gods

pp. 8-9

Genesis [Je n'isi isi]

pp. 10-16

The Spirit of Dancehall: embodying a new nomos in Jamaica

pp. 17-31

Obeah Woman

pp. 32-33

Shembe: a Zulu church

pp. 34-41


pp. 42-52

How I Became

pp. 53-56

Santería in Cuba: contested issues at a time of transition

pp. 57-70

A Tradition of Rising [1963 et al.], and: I, Too, Sing America, and: Tribute, and: Hymn #590: Sabbath Riots, and: Hymn #643: Split

pp. 71-75

The Spirit in Black Lives Matter: new spiritual community in black radical organizing

pp. 76-88

Bush Knowledge in the Concrete Jungle: a day in the life of an urban babalawo

pp. 89-103

Forever Three

pp. 104-118

The Mother of All Gods

pp. 119-132

Being Alphonso

pp. 133-149

The Connected Ummah: a conversation with Yakubu Yakubu on building a Muslim movement for global good

pp. 150-157

Healing the Middle Passage with Parade: music and movement in afro-Catholic Brazil

pp. 158-169


p. 170

When Expectations Fade to Lyrics

pp. 171-176


p. 177

125 Contributors

pp. 178-183