restricted access   Volume 11, 2018

Table of Contents


A Daoist Exploration of Shenming

pp. 1-20

Losing What "Me"?: An Existentialist Look at the Ego in the Zhuangzi

pp. 21-45

Daoist Seals, Part 2: Classifying Different Types

pp. 46-82

Immortals and Alchemists: Spirit-Writing and Self-Cultivation in Ming Daoism

pp. 83-107

Daoist Ritual Manuals in Vietnam: Self-Cultivation, Cosmic Steps, and Healing Talismans

pp. 108-134

Forum on Contemporary Practice

Daoism and Peacebuilding: Toward an Agenda for Research and Practice

pp. 137-152

A Call to China: Daoism in Modern American Fiction

pp. 153-164

YIN: A Love Story: Daoist Fiction by a Taiji Master

pp. 165-176

Dantian Cultivation and the Hard Problem of Consciousness

pp. 177-192

A Romanian Spiritual Seeker's Growth: From SciFi Readings to Neidan

pp. 193-206

Meditation, Taijiquan and Qigong: Evidence for Their Impact on Health and Longevity

pp. 207-230

News of the Field


pp. 233-239


pp. 239-242

Other News

pp. 242-244


pp. 245-246