restricted access   Volume 51, Number 2, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

Special Section: Law & Emotions

Guest Editor: Laura Kounine

Emotions, Mind, and Body on Trial: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

pp. 219-230

The Press, the Audience, and Emotions in Italian Courtrooms (1860s–1910s)

pp. 231-254

Emotional Environments and Legal Spaces in Early Modern Russia

pp. 255-271

Fighting Words: Anger, Insult, and "Self-Help" in Early Modern German Law

pp. 272-292

Performing Emotion and Reading the Male Body in the Irish Court, c. 1800–1845

pp. 293-312


Social Class and American Travel to Europe in the Late Nineteenth Century, with Special Attention to Great Britain

pp. 313-340

Deadly Words, Deadly Deeds: Honor, Sexuality, and Uxoricide in Porfirian Mexico

pp. 341-363

When Death Became Thinkable: Self-Sacrifice in the Women's Social and Political Union

pp. 364-386

The Dancing Front: Dancing, Morale, and the War Effort in Britain during World War II

pp. 387-406


Legal Plunder: Households and Debt Collection in Late Medieval Europe by Daniel Lord Smail (review)

pp. 407-409

The Material Atlantic: Clothing, Commerce, and Colonization in the Atlantic World, 1650–1800 by Robert S. DuPlessis (review)

pp. 409-411

Native Wills from the Colonial Americas: Dead Giveaways in a New World ed. by Mark Christensen and Jonathan Truitt (review)

pp. 411-413

Institutional Slavery: Slaveholding Churches, Schools, Colleges, and Businesses in Virginia, 1680–1860 by Jennifer Oast (review)

pp. 413-415

Birth, Death and Religious Faith in an English Dissenting Community: A Microhistory of Nailsworth and Hinterland, 1695–1837 by Albion M. Urdank (review)

pp. 415-417

Author's response:

pp. 417-418

Protest and the Politics of Space and Place, 1789–1848 by Katrina Navickas (review)

pp. 418-420

Intrusive Interventions: Public Health, Domestic Space, and Infectious Disease Surveillance in England, 1840–1914 by Graham Mooney (review)

pp. 420-422

Slavery, Agriculture, and Malaria in the Arabian Peninsula by Benjamin Reilly (review)

pp. 422-424

A Nervous State: Violence, Remedies, and Reverie in Colonial Congo by Nancy Rose Hunt (review)

pp. 424-426

Bad Girls at Samarcand: Sexuality and Sterilization in a Southern Juvenile Reformatory by Karin L. Zipf (review)

pp. 426-427

No Depression in Heaven: The Great Depression, the New Deal, and the Transformation of Religion in the Delta by Alison Collis Greene (review)

pp. 427-429

Manhood on the Line: Working-Class Masculinities in the American Heartland by Stephen Meyer (review)

pp. 429-431

Shadows of a Sunbelt City: The Environment, Racism, and the Knowledge Economy in Austin by Eliot M. Tretter (review)

pp. 432-433

Shooting Up: A Short History of Drugs and War by Łukasz Kamieński (review)

pp. 434-435

Exile in Colonial Asia: Kings, Convicts, Commemoration ed. by Ronit Ricci (review)

pp. 435-437

Sacrifice and Rebirth. The Legacy of the Last Habsburg War ed. by Mark Cornwall and John Paul Newman (review)

pp. 437-439


pp. 440-441