restricted access   Volume 41, Number 2, October 2017

Table of Contents


Strangers in a Strange Land: Wittgenstein, Flies, Us Too

pp. 233-249

Apollo’s Deception: The Will to Beauty and The Broken Heart

pp. 250-263

The Role of the Arts in Male Courtship Display: Billy Collins’s “Serenade”

pp. 264-271

Evolution and Literary Studies: Time to Evolve

pp. 272-289

Communion, Not Consilience: Protecting the Future of Interdisciplinary Literary Study

pp. 290-303

Symposium: Aspects of Poetry

The Poetry Machine: How the Alexandrian Avant-Garde Created a Library

pp. 304-318

“Horn-Handed and Pig-Headed”: British Reception of The Poets and Poetry of America

pp. 319-337

“After Great Pain”: The Epistemology of the Grave according to Emily Dickinson

pp. 338-359

“All the Shadows / Whisper of the Sun”: Carnevali’s Whitmanesque Simplicity

pp. 360-374

Poems as Reportive Avowals

pp. 375-391

“Who Has Not Wak’d” : Mary Robinson and Cartesian Poetry

pp. 392-399

In Focus: The Exact Word

How Can Each Word Be Irreplaceable?: Is Coleridge’s Claim Absurd?

pp. 400-415

The Consequences of Particularity

pp. 416-430

Lines of Thought

Literature and Empathy

pp. 431-464


The Most Overrated Article of All Time?

pp. 465-470


Philosophy and Literature: Problems of a Philosophical Subdiscipline

pp. 471-482