restricted access   Volume 58, 2017

Table of Contents

Milton in the Americas

Edited by Elizabeth Sauer and Angelica Duran

Introduction: Milton's Pan-American Life and Afterlife

pp. vii-xvii

Milton and the Constructions of the Americas

Milton and the "Savage Deserts of America"

pp. 3-26

Temptations in the Wilderness: Freedom and Tyranny in Peter Ackroyd's Milton in America

pp. 27-45

Reconstructing Milton in the Americas

Milton's Banana: Paradise Lost and Colonial Botany

pp. 49-66

Apple Trees in the Archive: Thoreau, Milton, and the Melancholy of American History

pp. 67-86

Joel Barlow's Miltonic Epic and Western Directional Poetics

pp. 87-102

"Awful Doubt": Milton and Darwin in the Land of Fire

pp. 103-124

Parley Pratt, the Broken Planet of Paradise Lost, and the Creation of Mormon Theology

pp. 125-142

Intertextual Effects

Phillis Wheatley and the "Miracle" of Miltonic Influence

pp. 145-165

Machado de Assis and Milton: Possible Dialogues

pp. 167-182

Three of Borges's Miltons

pp. 183-200

Milton and the Pan-American Academy

Milton in Revolutionary Hispanoamerica

pp. 203-222

How John Milton Was Lodged in the Curricula of U.S. Colleges after the Civil War

pp. 223-244

Epilogue: Milton Quarterly and Milton Studies at 50, Milton Scholarship in Century 21

pp. 245-254


pp. 255-262