open access   Volume 4, Number 1, January 2018

Table of Contents

open access   Immigrant Niches and Immigrant Networks in the U.S. Labor Market

pp. 1-17

Part I. Immigrants and Labor Markets in Time and Space

open access   Old Immigrants, New Niches: Russian Jewish Agricultural Colonies and Native Workers in Southern New Jersey, 1880–1910

pp. 20-38

open access   Offshore Migrant Workers: Return Migrants in Mexico's English-Speaking Call Centers

pp. 39-57

Part II. Labor Market Dynamics, Networks, and Workplace Experiences

open access   Black Immigration, Occupational Niches, and Earnings Disparities Between U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born Blacks in the United States

pp. 60-77

open access   The Rise of Market-Based Job Search Institutions and Job Niches for Low-Skilled Chinese Immigrants

pp. 78-95

open access   Filling the Niche: The Role of the Parents of Immigrants in the United States

pp. 96-114

open access   Bridging the Service Divide: Dual Labor Niches and Embedded Opportunities in Restaurant Work

pp. 115-127

Part III. New Immigrants in Growing Sectors: High- and Low-Skilled Labor Market Niches

open access   Israeli Infotech Migrants in Silicon Valley

pp. 130-148

open access   Caring and Carrying the Cost: Bicultural Latina Nurses' Challenges and Strategies for Working with Coethnic Patients

pp. 149-171

open access   Learning to Fill the Labor Niche: Filipino Nursing Graduates and the Risk of the Migration Trap

pp. 172-187