restricted access   Volume 44, Issue 4, Décembre 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue: New Perspectives on Pseudotranslation

Guest Editors: Tom Toremans and Beatrijs Vanacker

Introduction: The Emerging Field of Pseudotranslation

pp. 629-636

Pseudotranslation as Passage into History: Murat Gülsoy's Gölgeler ve Hayaller Şehrinde as Transmesis

pp. 637-654

Political (Mis)Use of Translation: Poetry Pseudotranslations in Occupied France (1940-44)

pp. 655-665

The Stripped Fish: Translation and Culture in Mario Bellatin's Japanese Novellas

pp. 666-679

Pseudotranslation as Kippbild: Multistable Authorship and Textuality in Franco Fortini's Traduzioni Immaginarie

pp. 680-700

The Thousand and First Author: Thomas-Simon Gueullette's Repeating Fictions

pp. 701-717

Des « métaphores » des Orientaux à la « simplicité de notre langue »: Le « dernier Traducteur » de Tanzaï et l'illusoire affranchissement de la fable

pp. 718-734

"Translating" the Origins of the Spanish Nation in Miguel de Luna's Verdadera historia del Rey don Rodrigo

pp. 735-754

À L'Encre sympathique: Pseudotraduction et mémoire littéraire

pp. 755-768

Dialogues across Theory and Practice

The Snow Is General All Over Ireland: Irish Modernism and Northern European Drama

pp. 769-788

Review Article

"Found" in Translation: Multilingual Scholars, Vernacular Archives, and Postcolonial Studies

pp. 789-797

Book Reviews

Art's Undoing: In the Wake of a Radical Aestheticism by Forest Pyle (review)

pp. 798-801

The Ethics of Love: An Essay on James Joyce by Benjamin Boysen (review)

pp. 801-804

Critical Collaborations: Indegeneity, Diaspora, and Ecology in Canadian Literary Studies ed. by Smaro Kamboureli and Christl Verduyn (review)

pp. 804-806

Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle, Erase: Contemporary North American Dystopian Literature ed. by Brett Josef Grubisic, Gisèle M. Baxter, and Tara Lee (review)

pp. 807-809

Disaster Drawn: Visual Witness, Comics, and Documentary Form by Hillary L. Chute (review)

pp. 810-812

Roberto Bolaño's Fiction: An Expanding Universe by Chris Andrews (review)

pp. 812-816

Persophilia: Persian Culture on the Global Scene by Hamid Dabashi (review)

pp. 816-821

Alice Munro: Reminiscence, Interpretation, Adaptation, and Comparison ed. by Mirosława Buchholtz and Eugenia Sojka (review)

pp. 821-825