restricted access   Volume 61, 2015

Table of Contents

Introduction: Allegory and Political Representation

pp. 1-9


Literary Arendt: The Right to Political Allegory

pp. 11-34

Ruin Lust and Totalitarian Remnants

pp. 35-67

Memory Heroics: Ethos Daimon

pp. 68-85

The Object of Allegory (A Polemic)

pp. 86-101

Allegory and Impasse: Revolutionary History and Revolutionary Modernity in Marx and Engels

pp. 102-129

Bakhtin and Gogol, or, The Question of Allegory and the Politics of Carnival

pp. 130-155

Beyond Jameson: The Metapolitics of Allegory

pp. 156-173

The Allegorical Machine: Politics, History, and Memory in Horacio Castellanos Moya’s El sueño del retorno

pp. 174-201


“God is God”: Essay on the Violence of Tautological Propositions

pp. 203-211

«Dieu est Dieu» : Essai sur la violence des propositions tautologiques

pp. 212-217

Fictions of the Return

pp. 218-234

Radical Empiricism Revisited

pp. 235-285

Political Fiction: A Symposium

Political Fiction, Ancient and Modern: From David’s Court to Fabrice’s Charterhouse

pp. 287-302

Political Fiction, Anonymous and Pseudonymous (A Response to Robert Alter)

pp. 303-314

Response to Robert Alter, “Political Fiction”

pp. 315-318

Horst Frenz Prize Essays

“Dialogue in Monologue”: Addressing Darwish in Hebrew

pp. 320-327

Chamoiseau’s Literary Creolization: The Stylistic Potential of a Vernacular

pp. 328-335