restricted access   Volume 26, Numbers 2-3, 2016

Table of Contents


Gender, Confinement, and Freedom: Team Teaching Introduction to Women's Studies

pp. 95-114

The Manifesto Assignment: Study with Women Prisoners

pp. 115-125

This Bridge: The BlackFeministCompositionist's Guide to the Colonial and Imperial Violence of Schooling Today

pp. 126-141

Bloom's Normal (2002) and Tarttelin's Golden Boy (2013): Teaching Gender Fluidity Written across Time and Text

pp. 142-155

Not Our Regularly Scheduled Programming: Integrating Feminist Theory, Popular Culture, and Writing Pedagogy

pp. 156-178

Feminist Pedagogy: Building Community Accountability

pp. 179-197


Building Local and Transnational Feminisms: An Interview with Noelia Corrales and Lussiana Salazar of la Escuela de Español Colibrí in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

pp. 198-212

Education and Outreach through Ludo-Pedagogy and Experiential Learning. Bridging Feminist and Diversity Movements in Today's Nicaragua: An Interview with Helen Alfaro, Yova Briones, and Tannia Rizo Lazo of La Casa de los Colores

pp. 213-232

Teaching Note

Teaching Note Teaching Intersectional and Transnational Feminisms through Fiction and Film

pp. 233-239

Book Review

The Feminist Spectator in Action: Feminist Criticism for the Stage and Screen by Jill Dolan (review)

pp. 240-242


Our Contributors

pp. 243-244