restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, January 2018

Table of Contents


Late to the Game but Ready to Play: portal Launches a Social Media Presence

pp. 1-4

Feature: Worth noting

Library Science Education: A New Role for Academic Libraries

pp. 5-15

Feature: Global Perspectives

Giving Your Patrons the World: Barriers to, and the Value of, International Interlibrary Loan

pp. 17-34

Feature: Reports from the Field

Relationship between Journal-Ranking Metrics for a Multidisciplinary Set of Journals

pp. 35-58


Super-Diversity and Foreign-Born Students in Academic Libraries: A Survey Study

pp. 59-91

LGBTQ Studies and Interdisciplinarity: A Citation Analysis of Master's Theses

pp. 93-116

Connecting Library Use to Student Success

pp. 117-140

In Their Own Words: Using First-Year Student Research Journals to Guide Information Literacy Instruction

pp. 141-161

Undergraduates' Perceptions of Conflict of Interest in Industry-Sponsored Research

pp. 163-182

When Scholarly Publishing Goes Awry: Educating Ourselves and Our Patrons about Retracted Articles

pp. 183-198

Assessing an Academic Library Professional Development Program

pp. 199-223