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Abbreviations Of Fitzgerald Titles

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Dedication: Ruth M. Prigozy (May 7, 1930–July 16, 2017)

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Editors' Note

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"Better That All of the Story Never Be Told": Zelda Fitzgerald's Sister's Letters to Arthur Mizener

pp. 1-16

Visualizing "The Rich Boy": F. Scott Fitzgerald, F. R. Gruger, and Red Book Magazine

pp. 17-33

Besides Zurich and Beyond Europe: Decentering Euro-Centrism in Tender Is the Night

pp. 34-50

Alone and Alone: Defense, Justification, and Apology in Fitzgerald's Late Prefaces

pp. 51-71

Violet Stockton and the Making of Minnie Bibble

pp. 72-80

Revisiting "Babylon Revisited": A Critical Retrospective

pp. 81-95

Making something out of nothing: Dissipating Legacy and the Legacy of Dissipating in "Babylon Revisited"

pp. 96-116

Jay Gatsby, Failed Intellectual: F. Scott Fitzgerald's Trope for Social Stratification

pp. 117-129

"Masquerading as Herself": The Flapper and the Modern Girl in the Journalism and Short Fiction of Zelda Fitzgerald

pp. 130-148

Fitzgerald as Prose Technician: A Short Catalog of Rhetorical Devices

pp. 149-199


Fitzgerald's Historical Sensibility

pp. 200-203

Dying for More

pp. 203-214

Hollywood Comes to St. Paul—while the Fitzgeralds go to Hollywood

pp. 214-219

A Sociological turn, with Literary Vindication

pp. 220-223

Homes for Outsiders Yearning to Look in

pp. 224-227

F. Scott Fitzgerald on the Beach

pp. 227-230

Riffing on Gatsby

pp. 231-235

Current Bibliography

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