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Editor’s Note

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Introduction: Settler Colonialism in Latin America

pp. 777-781

Structures of Settler Capitalism in Abya Yala

pp. 783-790

Stateness as Landgrab: A Political History of Maya Dispossession in Guatemala

pp. 791-799

Settler Violence? : Race and Emergent Frontiers of Progress in Honduras

pp. 801-807

Transnational Settler Colonial Formations and Global Capital: A Consideration of Indigenous Mexican Migrants

pp. 809-821

Indigenous Pan-Americanism: Contesting Settler Colonialism and the Doctrine of Discovery at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

pp. 823-832


The Conspiratorial Mode in American Television: Politics, Public Relations, and Journalism in House of Cards and Scandal

pp. 833-856

Narrative Humanity at the Intersection of 9/11 and Katrina: Dave Eggers’s Zeitoun

pp. 857-881

Rhinestone Cowboy: Alzheimer’s, Celebrity, and the Collusions of Self

pp. 883-901

Book Reviews

The Room Where It Happened: Race and the American Revolution

pp. 903-915

The Stories of AIDS

pp. 917-933

Writing against the Grain: Biography, History, and the Long Freedom Movements

pp. 935-945

Event Reviews

The Makers of Meaning in Roots: Asian American Movements in Los Angeles

pp. 947-965

The “Intolerable Image” and New Modes of Circulation: Perpetual Revolution at the ICP

pp. 967-986


pp. 987-990

Index to American Quarterly, Volume 69, March 2017 to December 2017

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