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Table of Contents


History and Memory

pp. 1-2

Articles and Notes

Acouscenic Listening and Creative Soundwalks: Evoking Memory and Narratives through Soundscape Exploration

pp. 3-6

Be Here Now, and Then: Urban Ecological History into Art

pp. 7-11

Resounding Memory: Aural Augmented Reality and the Retelling of History

pp. 12-16

A Memory of Almost Nothing: Luc Ferrari’s Listening During Presque Rien No.1

pp. 17-20

Times Square: Strategies and Contingencies of Preserving Sonic Art

pp. 21-26

Historical Virtualization: Analog and Digital Concerns in the Recreation, Modeling and Preservation of Contemporary Piano Repertoire

pp. 27-31

Transcoding Nancarrow at the Dawn of the Age of MIDI: The Preser vation and Use of Conlon Nancarrow’s Player Piano Studies

pp. 32-35

On Improvised Music, Computational Creativity and Human-Becoming

pp. 36-39

Phonological and Musical Loops in Live Coding Performance Practice

pp. 40-44

DATs, MiniDiscs and the Self-Idiomatic Archive

pp. 45-46

Soundwalking Salzburg, Forty Years Later

pp. 46-47

Corposing a History of Electronic Music

pp. 47-48

LOOP: A Circular Ferric Memory in Slow Decline

pp. 49-50

Aurosion: Eroding Sonic Landscapes with the Internet Audio Cyclotron

pp. 50-51

Environmental Histories and Personal Memory: Collaborative Works in Sonification and Virtual Reality

pp. 51-53

The Piano Mill: Nostalgic Music and Architecture in the Australian Bush

pp. 53-54

Folto Giardino: Hybrid Cross-Pollination of Score, Performance, Installation and Technology

pp. 54-56

Sounds of Wow: Tape Composition and the Poetics of the Index

pp. 56-57

A Work for the Jewish Soul of Warsaw, Old and New

pp. 57-58

Memory Piece: Memory as a Compositional Process

pp. 59-60

The Chinwag: Memory, Digital Technology and Traditional Music

pp. 60-61

Uncanny Materialities: Digital Strategies for Staging Supernatural Themes Drawn from Medieval Ballads

pp. 62-66

The Cadolzburg Experience: On the Use of Sound in a Historical Museum

pp. 67-70

A Personal Reminiscence on the Roots of Computer Network Music

pp. 71-77

Updating the History of Sound Art: Additions, Clarifications, More Questions

pp. 78-81

A Documentation of Sound Art in Japan: Sound Garden (1987–1994) and the Sound Art Exhibitions of 1980s Japan

pp. 82-86

Gambioluthiery: Revisiting the Musical Instrument from a Bricolage Perspective

pp. 87-92

TA [P] CHAS: References to Indigenous Traditions in Peruvian Electroacoustic Composition of the 1960s

pp. 93-97

LMJ27 Audio Companion

Sonic Commentary: Bonus Ghost Tracks: LMJ27 Audio Tracklist

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Sonic Commentary: Bonus Ghost Tracks

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Supplementary material

Sonic Commentary: Bonus Ghost Tracks

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Leonardo Volume 50 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 27

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The Network

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