restricted access   Volume 14, Number 3, 2017, LVIII-Series III

Table of Contents

Open Digital Copora of Greek and Latin

Guest Editor: Bruce Robertson

Editors' Note, Mouseion 14.3

p. 335

Notice éditoriale, Mouseion 14.3

p. 337


Introduction to "Open Digital Corpora of Greek and Latin"

pp. 339-340

Large-Scale Optical Character Recognition of Ancient Greek

pp. 341-359

Reading Croatian Latin through Lucretius

pp. 361-390

Measuring the Presence of Roman Rhetoric: An Intertextual Analysis of Augustine's De Doctrina Christiana IV

pp. 391-408

Open Greek and Latin Data for the Challenges of the Fragmentary State of the Primary Sources for the Pentekontaetia

pp. 409-436

Echos Du Monde Classique / Classical Views

Cicero's Rhetoric of Terror

pp. 437-453

Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus

L'émergence de la civilisation mycénienne en Grèce centrale by Laetitia Phialon (review)

pp. 455-457

Das Phänomen der "Verjüngung" im klassischen Athen: Zur Bedeutung von Altersstufen in der Bilderwelt des 6. und 5. Jhs. V. Chr. by Britta Özen-Kleine (review)

pp. 457-459

Legible Religion: Books, Gods, and Rituals in Roman Culture by Duncan MacRae (review)

pp. 459-462

Poetic Autonomy in Ancient Rome by Luke Roman (review)

pp. 462-467

Athenian Comedy in the Roman Empire ed. by C.W. Marshall and Tom Hawkins (review)

pp. 467-469

The Play of Allusion in the Historia Augusta by David Rohrbacher (review)

pp. 470-473

Mouseion Index to LVII–Series III, Vol. 14 (2017)

pp. 475-476