restricted access   Volume 18, Number 3, Winter 2017

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From: Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

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Comparing Comparisons: The role of religion in British-produced histories of Ireland and India, c. 1650–1800

Negotiating Gendered Spaces in Colonial Press: Wives of European planters in British Malaya

Insecurities of Empire: Struggles over health reform in interwar Barbados

Convict Exile and Penal Settlement in Colonial Indonesia

Review Essay

New Histories of New Nations: South Sudan and Sudanese history

Book Reviews

Annals of Native America: How the Nahuas of colonial Mexico kept their history alive by Camilla Townsend (review)

Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing religious awakenings in eighteenth-century New England by Douglas L. Winiarski (review)

Quest for Power: European imperialism and the making of Chinese statecraft by Stephen R. Halsey (review)

The Matter of Empire: Metaphysics and Mining in Colonial Peru by Orlando Bentancor (review)

Claiming the City: Protest, crime, and scandals in colonial Calcutta, c. 1860–1920 by Anindita Ghosh (review)

Chimeras of Form: Modernist internationalism beyond Europe, 1914–2016 by Aarthi Vadde (review)

The Uprooted: Race, Children and Imperialism in French Indochina, 1890–1980 by Christina Elizabeth Firpo (review)

When Sex Threatened the State: Illicit sexuality, nationalism, and politics in colonial Nigeria, 1900–1958 by Saheed Aderinto (review)

Mecca of Revolution: Algeria, decolonization, and the Third World Order by Jeffrey James Byrne (review)

Dispossession and the Environment: Rhetoric and Inequality in Papua New Guinea by Paige West (review)

Ivory: Power and poaching in Africa by Keith Somerville (review)

World Histories from Below: Disruption and dissent, 1750 to the present ed. by Antoinette Burton and Tony Ballantyne (review)

Duress: Imperial durabilities of our times by Ann Laura Stoler (review)