restricted access   Volume 60, Number 2, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Science and Medicine

If the Framingham Heart Study Did Not Invent the Risk Factor, Who Did?

pp. 131-150

The Etiological Stance: Explaining Illness Occurrence

pp. 151-165

Biocontaining: Purification, Restoration, and Meaning-Making

pp. 166-185

Ethics and Philosophy

The Best Interest Standard: Same Name but Different Roles in Pediatric Bioethics and Child Rights Frameworks

pp. 186-197

History and Biography

Marston Bates, Visionary Environmentalist

pp. 198-210

A Child's Right to Be Well Born: Venereal Disease and the Eugenic Marriage Laws, 1913–1935

pp. 211-232

Medical Education and Practice

Maintaining Compassion for the Suffering Terminal Patient While Preserving Life: An Orthodox Jewish Approach

pp. 233-246

Choosing to Care for Children Who Might Die: Conversations with Pediatric Residents

pp. 247-257

In Pursuit of Educational Integrity: Professional Identity Formation in the Harvard Medical School Cambridge Integrated Clerkship

pp. 258-274

Review Essays

Hope and Resentment

pp. 275-284

The Body Politic in Pain

pp. 285-291