restricted access   Volume 25, Numbers 2-3, 2016

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

pp. 131-135

Historical Note

pp. 136-137


Jean K. Quam, Dean of the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development

pp. 138-141


Philosophy and Enlightenment: The Role of Epistemology in the Education of Citizens

pp. 142-157

How Neoliberalism Got Organized: A Usable History for Resisters, With Special Reference to Education

pp. 158-171

Campus Community Literacy Initiatives as Preparation for Civic Life

pp. 172-181


From Covenant to Contract: Changing Conceptions of Public Research Universities in American Society

pp. 182-208

School for Suffrage: The American Woman's Republic

pp. 209-230

Opting Out as Democratic Engagement?: The Public Dimensions and Challenges of Education Activism

pp. 231-255

(Re)framing Citizenship Education in the Philippines: A Twenty-First Century Imperative

pp. 256-288

Shaping (Global) Leaders or Creating (Global) Citizens?: Considering the Competing Purposes of Higher Education

pp. 289-312

The Dissertation Dilemma and the Challenge of American Graduate Education

pp. 313-331

Review Essays

An Education Movement for Democracy

pp. 332-340

Judging Higher Education on the Merits

pp. 341-350