restricted access   Volume 24, Issue 2, 2017

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

p. 343


Trading Spaces: The Changing Role of the Executive in U.S. Trade Lawmaking

pp. 345-368

The Temptation of Executive Authority: How Increased Polarization and the Decline in Legislative Capacity Have Contributed to the Expansion of Presidential Power

pp. 369-397

The Rise of the Supranational Executive and the Post-Political Drift of European Public Law

pp. 399-427

Behavioral Public Choice, U.S. National Security Interests, and Transnational Security Decision Making

pp. 429-458

Global Cybersecurity, Surveillance, and Privacy: The Obama Administration’s Conflicted Legacy

pp. 459-495

Globalization and the Growth of Executive Power: An Old Story

pp. 497-511

The President’s Private Dictionary: How Secret Definitions Undermine Domestic and Transnational Efforts at Executive Branch Accountability

pp. 513-546


Looking Beyond the Veil

pp. 547-573

The Domino Effect: How Inadequate Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry Affect Global Sustainability

pp. 575-595

Retooling the ILO: How a New Enforcement Wing Can Help the ILO Reach its Goal Through Regional Free Trade Agreements

pp. 597-616

A Picture’s Worth: The Future of Copyright Protection of User-Generated Images on Social Media

pp. 617-635