restricted access   Volume 13, Number 3, November 2017

Table of Contents

Borders and Margins

Editorial Introduction

pp. 347-349


Gendered and Embodied Geopolitics of Borders, Marginalization, and Contingent Solidarity

pp. 350-353


“War Is like a Blanket”: Feminist Convergences in Kurdish and Turkish Women’s Rights Activism for Peace

pp. 354-375

Disreputable by Definition: Respectability and Theft by Poor Women in Urban Interwar Egypt

pp. 376-394

Putting Messianic Femininity into Zionist Political Action: The Race-Class and Ideological Normativity of Women for the Temple in Jerusalem

pp. 395-415

“One Can Veil and Be a Singer!”: Performing Piety on an Iranian Talent Competition

pp. 416-437


Dissident Writings of Arab Women: Voices against Violence by Brinda J. Mehta (review)

pp. 438-441

After the American Century: The Ends of U.S. Culture in the Middle East by Brian Edwards (review)

pp. 442-444

She Who Tells a Story

pp. 445-447

Interpreters of Occupation: Gender and the Politics of Belonging in an Iraqi Refugee Network by Madeline Otis Campbell (review)

pp. 448-450

Third Space

Cover Art Concept

A Girl and Her Room

pp. 451-452

Editor’s Note

p. 452

Barbara Harlow and the Necessity of “Renewed Histories of the Future”: In Memoriam (1948–2017)

pp. 453-457

Troubling Academe: Disability, Borders, and Boundaries

pp. 458-460

An Interview on Feminist Ethics and Theory with Judith Butler

pp. 461-468

Special Forum on Trump's Presidency and Middle East Women's Studies

The Body Politics of Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

pp. 469-471

Trump(ing) on Muslim Women: The Gendered Side of Islamophobia

pp. 472-475

Hypervisibility and Middle Eastern Women’s Studies

pp. 476-478

On Not Saving the Muslim Women (and Men)

pp. 479-482

Invading Muslim Bodies in the Era of Trump

pp. 483-485

Chaos as a Political Strategy of Governance

pp. 486-488

Reflections from the Other Side of the Pond

pp. 489-490

President Trump’s Moving Targets: Walls, Expulsions, and Prisoners of State

pp. 491-493