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From: Research in African Literatures

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Special Issue: Migratory Movements and Diasporic Positionings in Contemporary Hispano- and Catalano-African Literatures

Juliane Tauchnitz and Julia Borst, Guest Editors


Migratory Movements and Diasporic Positionings in Contemporary Hispanoand Catalano-African Literatures: Introductory Reflections

pp. vii-ix

Ser escritor negro en España: Ensayo

pp. x-xix

Textofagia: Cuento

pp. xx-xxviii


Walls, Borders, and Fences in Hispano Saharawi Creative Expression

pp. 1-17

Migration and Genealogies of Rupture in the Work of Najat El Hachmi

pp. 18-32

"To Be Black in a 'White' Country"—On the Ambivalence of the Diasporic Experience in César A. Mba Abogo's: El porteador de Marlow. Canción negra sin color (2007)

pp. 33-54

Migration versus Stagnation in Equatorial Guinea: The Sea as the Promise of Modernity

pp. 55-71

The Challenge of the Strait: From the Migratory Drama in the Mediterranean to the Hispano-Maghrebian Dramatic Text

pp. 72-86

Of Journeys, Returns, and Transnational Subject Formations: Reflections on the Homeland/Hostland Dialectic in Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo's Novels

pp. 87-97

Un reino tan lejano: Yudis, Shahrazad, and the Imaginary Space in the Contemporary Hispano-Moroccan Novel

pp. 98-115

The Work of Najat El Hachmi in the Context of Spanish-Moroccan Literature

pp. 116-130

Against the Silence: Multiperspectivity and the Migration Phenomenon in El Motín del silencio by Mohamed Bouissef Rekab

pp. 131-145


Migratory Movements in Life Stories and Literary Writing: A Conversation with Joaquín Mbomío Bacheng on Equatoguinean Literature and Afro-Diasporic Communities in Europe

pp. 146-153

Memorial Tribute

Abiola Irele

pp. 154-157