restricted access   Volume 51, Number/numéro 1, Winter/hiver 2017

Table of Contents

Destabilizing Canada / Le Canada déstabilisé

Destabilizing Canada / Le Canada déstabilisé

Introduction: Destabilizing Canada/Le Canada déstabilisé

pp. 1-9

Canadian Studies at the Crossroads, Again!

pp. 10-36

"Smudging, drumming and the like do not a nation make": Temporal Liminality and Delegitimization of Indigenous Protest in Canada

pp. 37-63

Writing Settlement after Idle No More: Non-Indigenous Responses in Anglo-Canadian Poetry

pp. 64-89

Creating Canada: Education for Inclusion or Different Versions of Colonial Stories?

pp. 90-111

Canada under the DEWline

pp. 112-133

Fracking the National Ethos: The Pressures of Globalization on Sovereignty and Justice in Will Ferguson's 419

pp. 134-152

Destabilizing the Consultation Framework in Alberta's Tar Sands

pp. 153-185

Oil Sands in European Media: Representations of the Canadian Oil Sands in European Newspapers, 2008–2013

pp. 186-216

Canadian Official Development Aid to Latin America: The Struggle over the Humanitarian Agenda, 1963–1977

pp. 217-243

The End of Colonialism

pp. 244-247

Review / Compte Rendu

Frustrating National Narratives (review)

pp. 248-260