restricted access   Volume 21, Number 3, November 2017 (No. 54)

Table of Contents

Preface: Friendship as an Art of Living

pp. vii-x

Bodies of Horror in Marlon James’s The Book of Night Women and Clovis Brown’s Cartoons

pp. 1-16

Amortizing Memory: Debt as Mnemonic Device in Caribbean Canadian Literature

pp. 17-39


pp. 40-41

The Jamaican 1960s

On the Very Idea of the Making of Modern Jamaica

pp. 43-47

Radical Skepticisms: Literatures of the Long Jamaican 1960s

pp. 48-62

Rastafari, Communism, and Surveillance in Late Colonial Jamaica

pp. 63-84

Global Sisyphus: Rereading the Jamaican 1960s through A Brief History of Seven Killings

pp. 85-97

The Coloniality of Power and the Limits of Dissent in Jamaica

pp. 98-110

Racial Hierarchy and the Elevation of Brownness in Creole Nationalism

pp. 111-123

The Soundings with My Sisters: Sovereignty, Intimacy, Disappointment

pp. 124-137

How Did There Come to Be a “New Kingston”?

pp. 138-151

“Seeing False Images of Ourselves”: Rex Nettleford’s Mirror Mirror in the Wake of the 1960s

pp. 152-166


Postcolonial Roadways: A Visual Dossier

pp. 167-178

Book Discussion: Vanessa Pérez-Rosario, Becoming Julia de Burgos: The Making of a Puerto Rican Icon

Toward a Genealogy of Water: Reading Julia de Burgos in the Twenty-First Century

pp. 179-187

Rediscovering Julia de Burgos: The People’s Rebel Soul Poet

pp. 188-202

Julia de Burgos and the Mourning of Community

pp. 203-208

The Afterlives of Julia de Burgos

pp. 209-218


pp. 219-221