restricted access   Volume 19, Number 3, October 2017

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From: Leviathan

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Reading and Teaching Clarel

Introduction: Reading and Teaching Clarel

pp. 1-6

Clarel, Canto-by-Canto

pp. 7-35

Alfred Kazin’s Clarel: Marginalia and Implications

pp. 36-49

Derwent: Revisiting Melville’s Clarel

pp. 50-58

Sentimentalism and Secularism in Pierre

pp. 59-78

Moral Education in “The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids”

pp. 79-99



pp. 103-104

Selections from The Zygote Epistles

pp. 105-118


Surviving the Essex: The Afterlife of America’s Most Storied Shipwreck by David O. Dowling, and: The Essex and the Whale: Melville’s Leviathan Library and the Birth of Moby-Dick ed. by R. D. Madison (review)

pp. 121-125

Books in Brief

pp. 126-134


All Astir

pp. 137-140

Abstracts ALA 2017—Boston, Massachusetts: Melville and the Historical Imagination

pp. 141-144

Abstracts ALA 2017—Melville and Literary Influence: Reframing Tradition

pp. 145-147