restricted access   Volume 25, Number 4, Fall 2017

Table of Contents


Anatomy, the Brain, and Memory in Tristram Shandy: A Forensic Examination of Sterne's Narrative Structure

pp. 397-414

How Patterns Meet: Tracing the Isomorphic Imagination in Contemporary Neuroculture

pp. 415-445

"Moulder[ing] into nothingness among the rocks": Sharpshooters in Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War

pp. 447-473

The Articulate Eye: Color-Music, the Color Sense, and the Language of Abstraction

pp. 475-505

"where it is farer written": William Harvey's Praelectiones Anatomiae Universalis Considered as an English Text

pp. 507-552


Realizing the Witch: Science, Cinema, and the Mastery of the Invisible by Richard Baxstrom and Todd Meyers (review)

pp. 553-556

The Cybernetics Moment: Or Why We Call Our Age the Information Age by Ronald R. Klein (review)

pp. 557-559

Multiple Autisms: Spectrums of Advocacy and Genomic Science by Jennifer S. Singh (review)

pp. 560-563

Poiesis and Enchantment in Topological Matter by Sha Xin Wei (review)

pp. 563-566


pp. 567-569